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Sarah Cockings and Harriet Fleuriot


Vast Forward

Vast Forward will be a live interactive performance that embraces the reassuring, yet slippery and sometimes addictive, process of predicting a positive future. Artists Sarah Cockings and Harriet Fleuriot will celebrate how pop songs from across the ages have repeatedly offered a sense of hope and comfort to people at all life stages. From the depths of a two hundred-year-old ice well, two digital oracles will deliver personal prophecies in the form of rephrased song lyrics. These floating avatars will mimic the artists’ facial features and speak their words via character animation technology and synthesised sound alteration. Guests are invited to ask questions for the oracles that are central to Art Night’s theme of Hope, Love and The Future. These can be submitted on the night or in advance via the artists’ website.

22nd June 2019, Canal Museum, London


Another Funny Turn

Sarah Cockings and Harriet Fleuriot's first UK solo show sees them take performative possession of confused teenage selves, reviving dormant personal coping mechanisms to survive their thirties. Responding to both individual and collective motivations behind the consumption of gaming and horror films, their sculptural sound and video installation delves into a disorientating wilderness of dramatic rehearsal driven by catastrophic thinking. Rocks judder, bushes smirk, shadows twist and walls breathe. Only relics remain. Using deliberate aimlessness executed with military precision, they encounter and test the terrifying and entertaining indifference of nature, lurking and idling amid overgrown ruins whose purposes have morphed.
Follow them as they haunt their way along a rambling Hero’s Journey.

17th May - 15th June 2019, Block 336, London


Lendable Mendable Vendable

An interactive performance installation that processes the objects we live and work with.


Plasma Vista

A short film and installation exploring utility, economics, production, creativity and aesthetics.

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